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Radar Level Transmitter

Radar Level Transmitter is an instrument that utilizes radio waves to measure the distance between the sensor and the surface of a liquid or solid. Two main types of Radar Level Transmitters are non-contact FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) and Pulse Radar Level transmitter. Both types of radar level transmitters are not affected by pressure, temperature, or dust. Therefore, both are widely used in solid and liquid level measurement.

Level Measurement

RD780 (76-81GHz)

FMCW with Narrow Beam Angle
Up to 30m

RD980 (76-81GHz)

FMCW with Narrow Beam Angle
Up to 120m

Magnetic Level Gauge

A Magnetic Level Gauge is composed of a single float and a magnetic flap/float indicator. The measuring tube, which holds the float, is externally attached to the side of a tank. As the liquid level in the measuring tube changes, the magnet inside the float triggers the magnetic flaps or float indicator. The position of the float, or column of yellow flaps, indicates the liquid level in the tank, providing an accurate measurement of the liquid level in the tank.


Single float and magnetic flaps indicator

Level Wizard II

Multi-function Non-contact Level Transmitter Liquid Applications
Patented DATEM
Up to 25 Meter Range

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Ultrasonic transducers work in conjunction with a transceiver that produces electrical pulses. A piezoelectric crystal located inside the transducer converts these pulses into ultrasonic waves that travel in the direction of the material to be measured. When the pulses hit the process material, an ultrasonic echo is reflected back towards the transducer, which converts them back into electrical pulses. This signal is analysed by the transceiver which performs the level calculation.

Interface Level Transmitter

The SludgeWizard Pro’s unique sonar transducer when immersed in the liquid, emits a high powered acoustic pulse which is reflected from the interface density selected. The pulse reflects from the interface of the denser material back to the transducer face. The reflected signal is processed using the echo processing algorithms to identify the sludge interface level by a specially developed digital echo processing techniques found in this unit. This echo is analyzed by the controller unit providing a depth reading and an analog output proportional to the height of the interface above the tank bottom.

SludgeWizard Pro

Interface/Sludge Blanket Level Transmitter
Dual Point Level Sensing
Self-cleaning System

Level Switch

There are two types of level switch – liquid and solid.

The magnetic liquid level switch consists of two main components: a magnet embedded inside a float and a reed switch placed in an enclosure. The reed switch units are either single or multiple and tightly secured within a stainless-steel stem, with a permanent magnet sealed inside the float. As the float rises or falls with the level of liquid, the magnet actuates the reed switch to provide level indication.


Vertical liquid level switch
IECEx certified for liquid application


Side-mounted level float switch
IECEx certified for liquid applications


Vibration type level sensor
for solids applications