Flotech Controls

Skid-based Solutions

Each process has its own distinct challenges that require uniquely designed solutions. With Flotech’s customized skid solutions, each skid is tailored to fulfill the exact specifications and requirements of our clients in different industries such as chemical processing, production processes, etc. Control devices and monitoring equipment can be incorporated into a compact skid. Our in-house engineers work closely with our clients to deliver an effective and customized solution.


Flotech FED produces effective yet safe drinking water. It consists of a customised skid that delivers the desired capacity and pressure required for the application.
Safe & Effective Disinfectant Liquid
ECO friendly

Pilot Plant

We design, assemble, install and commission small-scale water treatment systems with customised mechanical designs and control systems.
Client 1 – SUTD
Client 2 – Toray
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Successful Projects in Malaysia

Successful Projects in Indonesia