Flotech Controls

pH Analyzer

The APH480 pH/ORP Analyzer is designed for measuring pH/ORP in industrial and harsh environments. It incorporates a double annular junction, a glass or epoxy electrode, and automatic temperature compensation. The APH480 pH Controller can be paired with sensors and submersible probes from our catalog, enabling the visualization of temperature values as well as pH.


pH/ORP Controller


TDS / Conductivity Controller

Conductivity Analyzer

The AC880 Conductivity/TDS Controller is a versatile instrument that can be customised to measure EC (Electrical Conductivity) / TDS (Total Dissolved Solid) or other related parameters during the installation process. The controller also allows for the visualization of resistivity and temperature data, providing a comprehensive view of the liquid being measured.

Turbidity Analyzer

The ATS500 Turbidity Controller is a reliable device designed for industrial applications. It is used to measure the turbidity of process media by utilizing the nephelometric method and the backscattering principle.

It comes equipped with various features, including a local display, control, alarm, digital/analog output, and automatic cleaning. The device can send a 0–20 mA or 4–20 mA signal from the transmitter to the instruments.

Furthermore, in certain situations, it may be necessary to measure the value before and after the process. The ATS500 Turbidity Controller can display and control the difference between the measurements of two transmitters operating with the same full scale.


Turbidity Controller


Free / Combined Chlorine Controller

Chlorine Analyzer

Our catalogue offers sensors and measuring cells that are compatible with a wide range of oxidizing substances, such as free chlorine, combined chlorine, total chlorine, chlorine dioxide, and dissolved ozone, making our instruments versatile for use in various applications. The AFC100 is a reagent less chlorine analyzer and compared to other chlorine analyzers, it is less dependent on pH which results in more accurate chlorine level measurements.

Concentration Analyzer

Refractometer, a type of concentration analyzer, is used to measure the concentration of a substance dissolved in a liquid.

Refractometer emits light into the solution, which is refracted when it crossed the solid-liquid boundary. The refraction angle is compared to the refractive index of the solution. Refractive index is the number that describes how fast light travels in a medium. With a higher refraction index, light travels slower in the medium, which in turn causes the light to be refracted at a greater angle. Solution with different concentration has a different refractive index. Solution with a low concentration has a lower refractive index, producing smaller angle of refraction. By measuring the angle of refraction, we can measure the concentration of the solution.


SAFE-DRIVE Process Refractometer


Sanitary Refractometer


Saunders Body Refractometer


Sanitary Refractometer