Flotech Controls

AHU / FCU Application

The BTU/Energy Measurement System is used to measure individual energy consumption in any liquid heating/cooling system. This system is also used to measure the performance of energy saving systems or the loss of efficiency, which is directly tied to loss of revenue.


Complete BTU System
Flow Meter + Temperature Sensors + BTU Meter


Complete BTU System
Ultrasonic Flow Meter +
Temperature Sensors + BTU Meter

Chiller (Green Mark Compliance)

BTU measurement plays a critical role in various HVAC applications such as chillers(Greenmark compliance), AHU(Air Handling Units), FCU (Fan Cooling Units), cooling towers, and other building cooling systems. It allows for monitoring of the energy consumption and efficiency of the system. BTU/energy measurement is performed using a BTU calculator, which collects data from the flow meters and temperature sensors.


Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Green Mark Compliance
Compact/Remote Type


BTU Calculator
OIML R75 / EN1434 Compliance
RS485 Communication


Temperature Sensor
SSS 591 : 2013 Compliance