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Smart Pressure Transmitter

SPT200 (Differential / Absolute / Gauge )

The SPT200 Series Smart Pressure Transmitter is an IECEx certified equipment which utilizes a microprocessor and HART® (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) protocol communication for accurate pressure measurement. Its automatic temperature compensation feature significantly improves stability in the measurement.

This transmitter includes differential, absolute, and gauge pressure and is commonly used in industries such as petrochemical, chemical, oil & gas, steel, power plants, water & wastewater, manufacturing, and others. Its unique sensor technology, combined with a variety of diaphragm material options, makes it suitable for almost all industrial gases and liquids.

Differential Pressure Gauge

Differential pressure gauges, composed of two sealed chambers, measure pressure discrepancies between two points. They are versatile instruments suitable for tasks ranging from monitoring filter contamination and liquid level measurements in sealed vessels to cleanroom overpressure assessment and precise flow measurements of both gases and liquids. When the pressure in both chambers is equal, the gauge shows no deflection.

Absolute pressure Gauge

Absolute pressure is pressure referenced to the complete vacuum of empty space, known as absolute zero pressure. Absolute pressure transmitters measure pressure relative to this perfect vacuum, ensuring they remain unaffected by local atmospheric pressure changes. All absolute pressure readings are positive.

A Gauge Pressure

A gauge pressure (GP) transmitter assesses the difference between a process pressure and the pressure of the surrounding ambient air. These transmitters are equipped with ports to continuously capture the ambient air pressure. Any measurements exceeding the ambient air pressure are displayed as positive values, while negative values indicate measurements below the ambient pressure level

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