Level Measurement

Magnetic Float Level Indicator

MLG28 (Liquid Level Measurement)

MLG28 magnetic float level indicator


The MLG28 magnetic level indicator is designed for liquid level measurement, either in open, closed or pressurized tank. The innovative and robust construction enables the unit to be installed for wide industrial applications. The MLG28 offers magnetic float or bi-colour magnetic flap indicator which concealed in a vacuum glass tube for clearer viewing. It can be retrofitted limit switches or remote signal transmitter for ease maintenance. The MLG28 is not required power supply for local indication except for signal transmitter.

  • Different wetted part materials are available. For example stainless Steel, PTFE and PVC.
  • Little or no materials required and less risk of leakage than a sight glass
  • Add-on switches for Alarms and level control
  • Add-on 4-20mA transmitter for continuous level control or remote indication

  • Level gauge with 4-20mA transmitter suitable for temperature up to 200°C with special heat insulation cover on the measuring tube.

Instruments Versions

Version Flange Gasket Measuring Tube Maximum Allowable
Operating Pressure**
Maximum Fluid
MLG28/SS SS 316L PTFE SS 316 L 40 bar 200°C
MLG28/PTFE SS 316L PTFE SS304L – with PTFE liner 40 bar 200°C

**Depending on material and flange pressure selection

  • Rugged construction for the roughest industrial applications. These indicators perform in high temperature, high pressure, and many other applications requiring robust and high-quality design.
  • Level measurement for low and medium height vessel or tank.
  • Measurement unaffected by presence of mechanical agitator or color of the fluid.
  • Can be used for interface level measurement. For example oil/water and foam/liquid.

Related Indutsry

  • Chemical
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Water/Wasterwater
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Oil and Gas
  • Food and Beverages
Accuracy± 5 mm of actual level
Maximum Fluid Viscosity5000 cP
Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure40 bar – depend on material, flange pressure rating (higher pressure on request)
Measuring Range0.3 to 6m (for SS and PTFE version)
0.3 to 3m (for PVC version)
Maximum Fluid TemperatureStandard: -20°C to +300°C (SS Version); -20°C to +80°C (PTFE Version)
Option: -20°C to +400°C
Minimum Fluid Density (Float)≤0.55 kg/l (SS/PTFE)
≤0.85 kg/l (PVC)
Process ConnectionDN15…50 PN 16/40;
1/2”…2” ANSI 150/300lbs, others on request
Float Material316 SS, PVC, PTFE, Titanium
Gasket MaterialPTFE (standard), Graphite*
Flange Material316 SS, PVC
Indicator TypeBi-color flap or float* indicator
Mounting PositionVertical – side/side, top/bottom and others on request
Ingress Protection (Indicator)IP 68 (Equivalent to NEMA 6)
Optional FeaturesLimit switch (bi-stable switch) Remote signal transmitter (4-20mA) Isolation valves Vent / drain valves

 Note:Specifications are subject to change without notice.
* Selection for operating temperature above 300°C, please contact Flotech.