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Smart IoT Remote Water Quality Monitoring System

Drinking and Waste Water Applications



Introducing the WQA600, the smart IoT water quality monitoring system that allows for real-time and on-demand insights of the water quality. It provides an integrated system that combines IoT connectivity and cloud software platform.


The multi-parameter analyzer is customizable and can measure a range of water quality parameters such as Total / Free Chlorine, Conductivity, pH, ORP, Turbidity, Color, Temperature, Line Water Pressure etc.


Lightweight, Rapid Deployment

The WQA600 Water Quality Monitoring System is battery powered and designed for mobile operations in both urban and remote areas. The system is housed in an IP67 enclosure and can be deployed in less than 10 minutes. An optional solar system can be included for longer-term deployments.


Smart Local Controller, Secure Bi-Directional Communications

The WQA600 comes with a built-in data logger, a configurable wireless modem (4G / LTE / WiFi / NB-IoT) and GPS. A Local LCD Touchscreen with an interactive user interface comes as an option. External peripherals such as pumps, valves can be controlled via configurable digital and analogue outputs. Secure, end-to-end encrypted bi-directional communications to the Flotech-IO cloud platform allows operators to access real-time water quality data and perform remote control functions.


Flotech-IO is a web-based application that enables bi-directional communications with the systems in the field. The presents operators with a real-time visualisation of water quality and location data from various installations across the network. It is equipped with advanced detection capabilities and analytical tools that provides actionable insights for our users.

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