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WPS100 Remote Profiling System

The WPS100 is an automated remote environmental profiling system designed for monitoring water quality in both inland and coastal areas. The system is available for either buoy or fixed installations and can be customized with add-ons such as a meteorological station and a winching system for measuring at various water depths.

The WPS100 Remote Profiling System is ideal for automated monitoring of various water parameters that removes the need for manual water sampling. Data is transmitted to a cloud platform in real-time where the raw water quality trends can be rapidly analysed for applications such as the prediction of algae blooms or optimize water treatment efficiency.


Multi-parameter water quality probes offer real-time monitoring for a range of customizable parameters: Water Depth, Temperature, pH, ORP, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Chlorophyll-a, TDS, Nitrates, BOD/COD/TOC etc.

An optional weather station for monitoring of parameters such as wind speed, wind direction, relative humidity, air temperature and net solar radiation can also be added.

Smart Controller

The smart controller consists of a built-in data logger for water quality and weather data, configurable wireless modem (4G / LTE / WiFi / NB-IoT), GPS and winch control. Additional peripherals such as aerators and pumps can also be controlled via configurable digital and analogue outputs. Secure, end-to-end encrypted bi-directional communications to the Flotech-IO cloud platform allows users to access real-time water quality data and perform remote control functions.

Solar Powered for Long Term Deployment

The WPS Remote Profiling System is fully solar powered for long-term remote monitoring applications.

Winching System

An optional winching system can be provided for measurements at various depths. Winches are customized to required measurement depths. Please contact us for more details.

Floating or Land-Based Installation

The WPS100 Remote Profiling System comes in two different installations, the buoy or fixed installation. This gives the system the flexibility of being mounting on a fixed location on shore, or floating on a water body. Please contact us for more details.


Flotech-IO is a web-based application that enables bi-directional communications with the systems in the field. The presents operators with a real-time visualization of water quality, weather and location data from various installations. It is equipped with advanced detection capabilities and analytical tools that provides actionable insights for our users.

Please contact us at sales@flotech.com.sg for more details.

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