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IoT Flood Monitoring System

Flood Monitoring System


Problem: Rising Water Levels Caused by Climate Change

With the advent of climate change, heavy rainfall has resulted in floods in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, causing great disruption and damage. Experts expect this phenomenon to increase in intensity and frequency across Asia in the future. Therefore, a robust monitoring and early-warning system is critical for better preparedness against floods and minimize risk to life, damage to property and business.


Introducing Flotech’s newest IoT-Based Flood Monitoring and
Early-Warning System



  • Integrated Sensor System:
    – Maintenance free, non-contact radar for rapid detection of
    water level changes
    Day/night vision camera for on-demand live scene capture
  • Secure bi-directional 4G communications 
  • Full turn-key solution including solar power system, weather-proof panel
    and mounting accessories 
  • Flotech-IO IoT Platform: web-based real-time monitoring system
    for multiple stations 
  • Early-warning water level alerts including live scene image capture through SMS / Email / Telegram / Whatsapp notifications.

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