Fuel Oil Monitoring System (FOMS)

Unauthorized withdrawal of fuel is an ongoing concern but manual measuring methods and inadequate instruments are unable to determine the exact usage to aid in the control. This strongly calls for a Fuel Oil Monitoring System (FOMS) which provides transparency of the fuel oil consumption and transfer by leveraging the accurate data collected at 3 stages.



fuel oil monitoring system

Bunker Transfer (Stage 1)

ISOLV Fuel Oil Monitoring System provides real-time visibility and monitoring of the bunker. Vessel operators can know exactly the amount they are paying for.

Fuel Oil Tank Level (Stage 2)

Fuel oil level is monitored by pressure or radar transmitter.

Engine Fuel Oil Consumption (Stage 3)

Engine fuel consumption of individual engine is accurately measured by the mass flow meters installed at the inlet and outlet pipe line.

Data captured in these 3 stages will be logged in the control panel and transmitted out to the server once internet connection is established. This system increases the speed, accuracy and transparency of data collection, quickly detects irregularities and enhances visibility, improving trust between buyers and suppliers.


Flotech-IO provides users remote access to the collected data through its intuitive web interface. It also enables in depth data analysis, allowing operation and procurement staffs to have automated analysis on each bunkering operation and overall performance.