BTU Measurement System

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What is BTU Measurement System

BTU is an abbreviation for British Thermal Unit, the unit of measurement for heat. BTU is defined as the amount of heat required to raise one pound of water by one degree. When it comes to heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), BTU translate into the energy consumption in the cooling/heating of the building.

Why is BTU Measurement System Important

On average, HVAC system accounts for 40 percent of energy usage in a typical commercial building. BTU Measurement System is critical in monitoring the energy consumption and efficiency of a building’s HVAC and cooling/heating system. Often times, when we are looking to reduce the overall building energy consumption, improving the efficiency of HVAC system is the first thing that comes to mind. If the HVAC system is not efficient – often that is the case for old building where the system is outdated and maintenance is not on schedule – that can cost the building a lot of money on wasted energy.

ISOLV BTU Measurement System

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At Flotech Controls, we utilize ISOLV BTU Measurement System to compute and monitor the heat and energy consumption in most liquid cooling/heating system. Performance and efficiency of the system can be monitored in real-time, data gathered is transmitted to the central HMI control panel, which in turns relay the information to cloud servers or local Building Management System. With the data consolidated onto a single location, reporting and information management has become easier. Building operators have remote access to the data through online servers, and perform decision-making on the go.

ISOLV BTU Measurement System comprises of a central HMI Control Panel with the ability to link up to 32 individual BTU meters, each measuring the energy consumption of a separate cooling/heating pipeline. Each of the BTU meters transmit to the HMI control panel the data of the pipelines(flow rate, temperature, energy consumption etc.) The individual BTU meter has its own display with user-friendly interface, allowing operators to view the data of each of the cooling/heating system on-site with ease.

To measure the heat consumption in a liquid cooling/heating system. We need to measure the flow rate and temperature difference of the coolant between the return and supply pipeline. Each of the BTU meters measure the flow rate of the pipeline. A pair of temperature sensors for each BTU meters to measure the temperature difference between the supply and return pipe line. Thus, the energy consumption can be computed according to the Thermodynamics Principle of Heat Exchange.


All the data can be connected to online database and server to enable remote monitoring and configuration of the system via our proprietary Flotech-IO platform.
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Complete BTU System
Flow meter + Temperature Sensors + BTU meter

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Electromagnetic Flow Meter
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Compact/Remote Type

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BTU Calculator
OIML R75 / EN1434
RS485 Communication

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Matched Pair Temperature Sensor
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