Our Services

With the vast experience built over the years, we have the ability to manage and organize effective teams of specialists and engineers to support instrument & system installation complete with commissioning, maintenance and servicing. We also conduct customized training to educate our customer’s on our product’s operation and functionality. 

Our service team has capabilities to undertake full responsibility in executing system or instrument installation until total completion with successful commissioning and start-up. Such involvement allows for safe and efficient management of resources and documentation, quick resolution of problems, optimized performance of the system and an effective hand over to the site operational team.

Reliable maintenance checks conducted by our specialist will prevent sudden failure and downtime to production.

Specialist will advise the operation team the schedules for any required replacement due to wear and tear, and offer a wide range of service contracts to suit various customers needs.

Team of experienced engineers and trained specialist can customize training materials for various groups of users, example engineers, technicians, operators etc, which will enable efficient transfer of knowledge.