Pressure Measurement

Differential Pressure Gauge – Midwest 130 Series


Differential pressure is sensed by a flexible elastomer diaphragm and a calibrated range spring. The diaphragm assures total separation between the high and low pressure signals. A magnetic coupling transmits the sensing element motion to the indicating pointer. This prohibits the possibility of process fluid leaking into the gauge case, while assuring total isolation of the process fluid within the pressure capsule.

  • Diaphragm design allows use of dissimilar fluids on high and low side of gauge.
  • Wide range of elastomers.
  • Simple, rugged designs
  • Weather and corrosion resistant gauge front
  • Can be used with vacuum or pressure applications.
  • Up to 500 PSIG Working pressure.
  • It can be use for tank level monitoring, water treatment application, vacuum application, and filter monitoring for gases and flow indication /balancing.


Technical Details

Accuracy+/- 2% or +/- 5% of Full Scale
Working Pressure300 P.S.I.G (Engineered Thermo Plastic)
500 P.S.I.G (Metal)
MaterialPlastic, Aluminum, Stainless, Brass & Hastelloy-C body
Dial Size4-2 ½” Rd. (Standard)
SealsBuna-N, Viton, Neoprene, Teflon, Ethylene Propylene or Perfluoroelastomer
Seals & Diaphragm MatBuna-N, Viton, Silicone , Ethylene Propylene
Connections1/4″ C.S.Comp.Tube Ftgs.(2) Model P or 1/4″ FNPT (4) for Models A, B
1/4″ 316 S.S.Comp.Tube Ftgs.(2)
1/4″ FNPT Brass Adapters (2) (Model P Only)
1/4″ FNPT 316 S.S.Adapters (2) (Model P Only)
1/2″ FNPT 316 S.S.Adapters (2) (All Models, Except P)