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Submersible Level Transmitter


ISOLV SPT 110S Submersible level transmitter indicate level medium by continuously monitoring the head pressure of the liquids. With its corrosion resistant 316 stainless-steel wetted parts, it is designed to provide accurate level measurement in the most extreme and demanding conditions. SPT110S submersible level transmitter, also referred to as level probe or depth sensor, is a pressure sensor designed specifically for hydrostatic level measurement in tanks, wells, shafts and bore holes. It is frequently paired with SCADA and PLC system, or other compatible display/control system for use as a water level indicator or controller.

  • The sensor adopts the most advanced micro-processor technology with comprehensive linear error compensation and temperature error compensation to ensure the highest precision of measurement.
  • The probe adopts full potting condensation prevention technology with solid stainless-steel body to ensure long term stability and permanent air tightness.

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