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SPT200 (Differential / Absolute / Gauge )

spt200 smart pressure transmitter absolute differential gauge measurement
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SPT200 Series Smart Pressure Transmitter are microprocessor based with HART® (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) protocol communication. Automatic temperature compensation significantly improve stability in pressure measurement.

SPT200 SERIES Smart Pressure transmitter includes gauge pressure, differential pressure and absolute pressure. They are widely use in petrol chemical, chemical, oil & gas, steel, power plant, water & waste water, manufacturing and other industries. With the unique sensor technology, combined with diaphragm material available in various options, the industrial transmitters are suitable for almost all industrial gases and liquids.

  • High accuracy, up to 0.04% FS
  • Ranges up to 400 bar
  • Compact, rugged construction
  • Conforms to the HART protocol
  • Automatic diagnostic function
  • Local zero and span adjustment
  • 2-wire system
  • Rangeability up to 100:1
  • ATEX Approval : Ex ia IIC T4 Ga/Gb (Pending)
  • SPT200 Smart Pressure Transmitter is used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, water, brewing and other industrial fields.

  • For Gas
  • Steam
  • Liquid

TypeDifferential Pressure Transmitter (SPT200-D/SPT200-A)Gauge/ Absolute Pressure Transmitter (SPT200-G)
Range Ratio100:1
Accuracy±0.075% (Standard) / ±0.04% (Optional)
Stability±0.1%×Span /3 years
Power Supply Effects±0.001% /10V (12~36V DC)
Zero and Span• Local adjustment
• HART Communicator
• PC configuration software
Measuring Range4 ~ 400mbar / 25 ~ 2500mbar / 0.3 ~ 30barup to 400 bar
Static Pressure Effects±(0.025%URL+0.05%Span)/ 10MPaN/A
Overpressure Effects±0.05% × Span /10MPa±0.05% × Span
Mounting Position EffectsRotation in diaphragm plane has no effect. Tilting up to 90° will cause zero shift up to 0.4 kPa (40 mmH2O) which can be corrected by the zero adjustment.Rotation in diaphragm plane has no effect. Tilting up to 90° will cause zero shift up to 0.25 kPa which can be corrected by the zero adjustment.
Failure Mode Alarm• Low Mode (min): 3.6 mA
• High Mode (max): 21 mA
• No Mode (hold): Keep the effective value before the fault.
Output• 4-20 mA ( 2 wire system) communication
• Linear or Square Root programmable
• HART Protocol
Response Time• 0.1 sec (amplifier damping constant)
• 0.1-1.6 sec (sensor damping constant)
Turn-on Time< 15 seconds
Ambient Temperature Limits• -40°C to 85°C
• -20°C to 65°C with LCD display
Storage and Transportation Temperature Limits• -50°C to 85°C
• -25°C to 85°C with LCD display
One-way Overload Pressure LimitThe maximum one-way overload pressure is maximum working pressure
ApprovalsATEX : Ex d IIC T6 (Pending for Approval)
ATEX : Ex ia IIC T4 (Pending for Approval)
Power Supply• 24VDC supply, R≤(Us-12V)/Imax kΩ, Imax=23 mA.
• Max. voltage limit: 36VDC, Minimum voltage limit: 12VDC ; 15VDC (with LCD display)
• 230Ω to 600Ω for digital communication
Working Pressure Limits (Silicone oil)16MPa, 25MPa, 40MPaFrom vacuum to upper range limits
Static Pressure Limits3.5kPa abs. to max. working pressureN/A
Sensor Body316L Stainless SteelN/A
Isolating Diaphragm• Standard: 316L Stainless Steel
• Optional: Hastelloy C
• Standard: 316L Stainless Steel
• Optional: Hastelloy C
Cover Flange316 Stainless SteelN/A
Nuts and BoltsStainless SteelN/A
Process Connector316 Stainless Steel
Liquid FillSilicone oil/Fluorinated oil
Amplifier HousingAluminum with epoxy paint
Degree of ProtectionIP67
Name plate and tag304 Stainless Steel
Cable EntryM20 x 1.5 (wire cross-sections up to 2.5mm2)
Process Connection GasketPerbunan (NBR) or Buna-N /Viton (FKM) /Teflon (PTFE)N/A
Weight3.3 kg1.6 kg
Process ConnectionFlange with fixing thread 7/16-20 UNF and 1/4-18 NPT female thread on both sidesStandard: ½” NPT female thread
Others: ½” NPT male, G1/2 female, M20x1.5 female, ¼” NPT male