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Depth Sensor


sts atm/n/t depth sensor


ATM/N/T is a STS brand depth sensor that measures depth and produce and output equivalent to the distance from the surface. In order to measure strain with a bonded resistance strain gage, STS ATM/N/T depth sensor must be connected to an electric circuit that is capable of measuring the minute changes in resistance corresponding to strain. Strain gage transducers usually employ four strain gage elements electrically connected to form a Wheatstone bridge circuit.

A Wheatstone bridge is a divided bridge circuit used for the measurement of static or dynamic electrical resistance. The output voltage of the Wheatstone bridge is expressed in millivolts output per volt input. The Wheatstone circuit is also well suited for temperature compensation.

  • Piezoresistive measuring element
  • Adjustable 1:4 of the nominal range within -5% to +105% FS
  • All pressure ranges between 0…50 mbar and -1…1000 bar available
  • Pressure units adjustable
  • Recalibration function for zero and span
  • Adjustable time delay
  • Reverse polarity and short circuit protected
  • Interface RS485 (MODBUS) Output: pressure and temperature
  • Active compensated (option) – Digital temperature compensated
 STS ATM/N/T Depth Sensor’s application includes:
  • Industrial Measurement
  • Process & Control
  • Food & Beverage
  • Hydraulic Test benches

Technical Details

Pressure Range (bar)0.1~0.5>0.5~2>2~25
Overpressure3 bar3 x FS (min. 3 bar)3 x FS
Burst Pressure>200 bar>200 bar>200 bar
Accuracy¹ [± % FS]≤0.5
(optional ≤ 0.25)
(optional ≤ 0.25)
(optional ≤ 0.25)
Thermal Shift [± % FS/°C]:
Zero (-5~50°C)≤0.06²≤0.03≤0.015
Span (-5~50°C)≤0.015≤0.015≤0.0152
Long Term Stability (1 year)-(typ./max)≤0.5% FS/ <4 mbar≤ 0.2% FS/ <4 mbar≤0.1% FS/ <0.2% FS

Measuring Range Temperature Sensor

Temperature Measuring Range-5~50°C
Min. Temperature Difference30°K
Accuracy(-5…50°C) typ. ±0.5°C/max. ±1.0°C
Output Signal4~20mA0~20mA0~5V / 0~10V
TypeCurrent TransmitterCurrent TransmitterVoltage Transmitter
Supply Voltage (Ub)15~30 V DC15~30 V DC15~30 V DC
Supply Voltage Influence< 0.1% FS< 0.1% FS< 0.1% FS
Circuit Diagram(Refer to the catalogue)
Load Resistance(Ub – 5V) / 0.02A(Ub – 5V) / 0.02ARL > 10kΩ
Load Resisance Influence< 0.1% FS< 0.1% FS< 0.1% FS


Process Connection, Diaphragm, Housing Seal (Standard)Stainless steel 1.4435 (316L), other materials (e.g. titanium) on request
Viton (other materials see ordering information)

For more information, please refer to the catalogue
Note: Specification are subject to change without notice