Level Measurement

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

LevelWizard II (Multi-functional Non-contact Level Measurement)

OCM open channel flow meter with ultrasonic level measurement levelwizard II


iSOLV LevelWizard II brings in a unique multi-function non-contact instrument for level monitoring, volume or open channel flow and provide advanced pump control in liquid and bulk solid applications using the time of flight, through air, ultrasound technique. It has a universal LCD display where at glance you may be able to view easily the level or flow measurement, a bar indication of percentage at maximum and relay status.

LevelWizard II utilizes the latest software system “DATEM” (Digital Adaptive Tracking and Echo Mapping). This is an entirely new digital technique development. It gives the system an edge over others in identifying the “true target level” in the face of competing echoes from the pipes, pumps or any other obstructions.

It offers the ability to dedicate the functionality of the unit to any of the three specific applications such as level or volume measurement, pump control, or flow measurement.

When coupled with the powerful, long range abilities of the dB transducer range, the LevelWizard II provides cost-effective, extremely versatile and reliable level measurement performance in liquid, solid or slurry applications.

  • DATEM Echo Processing
  • Data logging option
  • 5 control / alarm relays plus 4-20mA output
  • LevelWizard II comes standard with RS232 communication with optional RS485 Modbus and Profibus
  • Range available up to 25 meters
  • Up to 500m separation from transducer
  • Illuminated graphic display with menu-driven operations
  • Easy installation, simple menu-driven setup
The LevelWizard II is the ideal multi-functional non-contact instrument that can be used in diverse applications:
  • Level Measurement
  • Volumetric Measurement
  • Distance Measurement
  • Differential Measurement
  • Pump Control
  • Storm Control
  • Basin Overflow Measurement
  • Quantity Measurement


Weight Nominal 1 kg
Transducer Cable Three-core screened, can be extended with 2 or 3  core screened
Maximum Separation 500 m
Cable Entry Details 10 cable entries – 5 x M20 1x M16 underside, and 4 x 18mm at rear
Enclosure 240 x 184 x 118 mm, Polycarbonate, flame resistant to UL94-V2
IP Rating IP 65
Max. & Min. Temperature (electronics) -20°C to 55°C


Accuracy 0.25% of the measured range or 6 mm (whichever is greater)
Resolution 0.1% of the measured range or 2 mm ( whichever is greater )
Max. Range 6 meters (dB 6 transducer)
10 meters (dB 10 transducer)
15 meters (dB 15 transducer)
25 meters (dB 25 transducer)
Min. Range Dependent on transducer
Reading Response Fully adjustable

Echo Processing

Description Patented DATEM (Digital Adaptive Tracking and ECHO Mapping)


Analogue Output Isolated output of 4-20 mA or 0-20 mA into 500Ω (user programmable and adjustable) 0.1% resolution
Digital Output Full Duplex RS232 via RJ11 port Volt free contacts, number and rating 5 form ‘C‘ (SPDT) rated at 5A at 115 VAC
2 row LCD display showing programmed scale, plus bar graph with direction indicators, remote communicator identi er, program/run/tst mode indicators and relay status
Programming On-board Programming: Integral keypad
PC Programming Via RS232 (RJ11 port) or RS485 (optional)
Programming Security Via Password ( User Selectable and Adjustable)
Programmed Data Security Via non-volatile RAM, plus backup
Data Logging (Optional) Via RJ11 port has 256kb giving 1 year at 15 min intervals (uses PC Suite software)
Power Supply 85 – 264Vac, 50/60Hz, 22-28Vdc

 Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice