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Interface Level Transmitter

SludgeWizard Pro

SludgeWizard Pro interface level transmitter


SludgeWizard Pro Interface Level Transmitter is proven effective in monitoring and control of the Interface/Sludge blanket level, continuous level measurement of wide range areas of application specifically on Sewage & Wastewater, and Industrial applications. SludgeWizard Pro provides a continuous level indication and 4 – 20 mA output of interface height from the tank floor along with relays for alarm or control use and self-cleaning system function. The transmitter also has a dual point level sensing in liquids and/or air transducers.

SludgeWizard Pro Interface Level Transmitter has self-cleaning system function enables continuous, reliable interface/ sludge level measurement. Manual checking of sludge levels can be eliminated, freeing operators’ time for other tasks.