Flow Measurement

Metal Tube Variable Area Flow Meter

MMT18/19 (Miniature Type)

mmt18/19 miniature metal tube variable area flow meter


iSOLV MMT18/19 are known as Miniature Metal Tube Variable Area flow meters. These flow meters are of all-metal construction which consist of metal measuring cone, stainless steel connection blocks and a die-cast zinc housing.

General Features:
  • Suitable for liquids and gases.
  • Suitable for installation in which flow direction is from bottom to top.
  • Tapered metering section of rugged all-metal construction.
Standard Features (MMT18):
  • With horizontal connections.
  • A needle valve at the inlet or bottom front of connection block.
Standard Features (MMT19):
  • With vertical connections.
  • Without needle valve.
  • Can be supplied without valve, or with outlet needle valve at the top connection block (OutLet).
  • A maximum of two adjustable limit switches (L1, L2). The set limits are indicated on the scale.
  • Addition of a differential pressure regulator.
  • To help maintain constant flow rates at fluctuating operating pressure.
  • A maximum of two adjustable limit switches (L1, L2). The set limits are indicated on the scale.

Flow Meter

Full-scale range (100% values)Water at 20°C (68°F): 3 to 100 l/h (0.013 to 0.44 US GPM)
Air at 1.013 bar abs., 20°C (14.7 psia, 68°F): 50 to 3400 l/h (0.031 to 2.11 SCFM)
Turn-down ratio10:01
Accuracy class4 (to VDI/VDE Code 3513, Sh. 2) show pic
Scale graduationflow units
Max. allowable operating pressure130 bar (1885 psig) at 20°C (68°F)
Test pressure is 1.3 times the specified operating pressure. Information on higher pressure levels provided upon request.

Max. Process Temperature

Without limit switch option– 80°C to +150°C (–112°F to +302°F)
With limit switch option (Ambient temperature Ta)Ta<40°C (<104°F): 145°C 293°F
Ta<50°C (<122°F): 135°C 275°F
Ta<60°C (<140°F): 125°C 257°F


Standard1/4” NPT female thread
AdaptersErmeto 6 or 8, Serto 6 or 8, Others upon request


Connection blocks, valve, plugCrNi steel 1.4571 (316Ti)
HousingDie-cast zinc
Cone, floatCrNi steel 1.4571 (316 Ti)
GasketsPTFE, other upon request

Limit switch

Number, max.2
Electrical connectionRight-angle plug, style to DIN 43650/ISO 4400, with PG 11 cable gland
Max. signal cable length1.5 m (5 ft) non-detachable
Protection category to EN 60529/IEC 529 An isolation switching amplifier is required to operate the SJ2-SNIP 65, equivalent to NEMA 12 and 13