Flow Measurement

Open Channel Flow Meter

OCM (With Ultrasonic Level Measuring)

OCM open channel flow meter with ultrasonic level measurement levelwizard II


The LevelWizard II Open Channel Flow Meter (OCM) is a state-of-the-art ultrasonic flow metering and control system which provides comprehensive flow monitoring with data logging and control functions for a complete range of flumes, weirs and channels. It has been designed to provides maintenance-free fit and forget performance.

Three user definable control relays with individual set points and intelligent performance-logging software features ensure the unit has maximum control versatility.

The OCM system utilities the unique DATEM software (Digital Adaptive Tracking of Echo Movement). This is an entirely new digital mapping technique developed especially for the iSOLV range which gives the system edge when identifying the “true target level” in the face of competing echoes from pipes, pumps or other obstructions.

OCM open channel flow meter levelwizard II applications picture