Flow Measurement

Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter

IEF108 (Without Local Display)

IEF108 insertion electromagnetic flow meter


IEF108 Insertion type electromagnetic flow meter is a compact version flow meter without local display/indicator. Both sensor and transmitter is integrated into one compact body. The IEF108 can be installed without shutting down and disrupting the flow in the pipe. Hot tap installation is a preferred solution for customers aiming for reduction of cost of installation. The IEF108 is suitable to be installed in a confined space and offers accessibility due to its compact size.

  • IEF108 has an obstructionless design causing practically no pressure loss

  • Corrosion-resistant wetted parts

  • High accuracy

  • Linear signal output

  • Hot tap installation

Water Applications

  • Distribution and leak detection

  • District metering (DMAs, SMAs, Zones)

  • Commercial metering

  • Non revenue water (NRW)

  • Well water metering

  • Supply management

Wastewater Applications

  • Water treatment
  • Landfill leachate monitoring
  • Additive mixing
  • First flush water monitoring


  • Irrigation monitoring –
  • Dosing of fertilizers
  • Water billing


  • Energy measurement and distribution

  • Energy efficiency

  • Custody Transfer

  • Co and Tri-generation

  • Superheated and chilled water

  • Data Center

  • District heating

  • Building Automation

Food & Beverage

  • Filling machines
  • Dosing/Batching
  • Blending
  • Beverage transfer measurement

General Industry

  • Mining
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Chemical
  • Additive mixing
  • Shipbuilding
  • Cement production

Overall Features

Size for pipe line Ø• Size 1 Ø ≤ 500mm
• Size 2 Ø ≤ 1000mm
• Size 3 Ø ≤ 2000mm
Minimum conductivity20 μS/cm
Altitude-200m up to 4000 m
Humidity Range0÷100% (IP 67)

Standard Features

Protection RateIP 67
Power Supply/Consumption10-30V … (1W)
Electrical connections5 pins connector M12X1 complete with plug / 2m of 5 poles cable
Full scale value0,4…10m/s
ProtocolsMCP via USB integrate
Digital Input/Outputs1 channel freely programmable as INPUT or OUTPUT for volume pulses / alarms
Data StorageEPROM values storing system in case of power failure
Programming Plug InProtected plug for PC connection
Body materialStainless steel AISI 316
Maximum Range500 m line of site
Nominal pressure1600 kPa
Process connection1”Threaded end
Version – protection ratingCompact IP67
Connection materialStainless steel AISI 304
Lining material/gasketPTFE/FPM
Liquid temperature0°C° ÷ 100°C compact version
Electrodes materialHC 276

Optional Features

Pulses/ Alarm Outputs1 Digital Output
Current Output1 , 0/4…20mA – RL=500Ω
Size for pipe line ØOther on request
Nominal pressureOther on request
Process connectionOther on request
Electrodes materialOther on request


Pulses/ Alarm Outputs• Volume = ±0,2% v.l.
• Out 4/20 mA = ± 0,2 % v.l.
Accuracy (whole system)Click to see graph