Energy Measurement

RTD Temperature Sensor


pt100 rtd temperature sensor greenmark

Temperature sensor PT100 is a 4-wire RTD temperature sensor (Resistance Temperature Device) that contains a resistive material that changes its resistance value according to the change of temperature.

PT100 is widely used in many industrial processes that requires accurate and fast temperature reading. Paired together with flow meter and BTU calculator, energy and heat consumption in a cooling system can be measured and monitored.

  • BCA Green Mark compliant
  • Replaceable design with opened tip thermowell increases sensitivity and accuracy
  • Comes with ball valve for hot tap installation
  • Weatherproof junction box
  • Applications that requires Green Mark compliant temperature sensor
  • Temperature measurement
  • Paired with flow meter for energy / heat measurement
Type4-Wire RTD
Tolerance1/10 DIN (+/- 0.03 °C @ 0 °C) DIN/IEC 60751
Temp Range0 to 40 °C
Junction BoxWeatherproof, die-cast aluminium
ConstructionBase plate, ceramic block and spring loaded
ThermowellStraight type, SS316L drilled bar stock
Instrument Connection1/4″ NPTF
Process Connection1/2″ NPTM
Calibration3-point calibration at 0 °C, 15 °C and 30 °C