BTU Meter / Calculator

BTU981 For BTU Measurement

btu meter calculator btu981

BTU981 BTU Meter / Calculator is the key equipment in BTU Measurement System in which the data are collected from the temperature sensors and flow meter. Based on Heat Exchange principle, the system automatically integrates energy consumption and transfers it to the computer.

BTU981 BTU meter enables the consumption volume can be checked by a tenant or operator with no hassle. It provides real time information such as instantaneous temperature, flow rate, energy consumption, and others. It also provides historical data with bar chart.

  • OIML R75 and EN1434 compliant
  • Real time display of supply / return water temperature, instantaneous flow rate, cooling consumption value, heating consumption value, instantaneous power, total flow rate etc.
  • Password protected
  • RS485 communication protocol
  • Measuring units includes: MJ/h, GJ/h, kWh/h, kJ/h

BTU981 BTU Meter / Calculator Applications:  

  • Chilled water building cooling system
  • HVAC
  • Energy / heat measurement
Operating Voltage 85-265 VAC, 22-26 VDC, 50Hz
Flow Rate Range (0 – 9,999.99) m³/h
Flow Rate Sensor Pulse mode or current mode
Flow Rate Signal Range Pulse Mode: 0 – 10,000 Hz Current Mode: 4-20 mA
Cooling Consumption Accumulated Range (0 – 999,999,999.999) M3
Heating Consumption Accumulated Range (0 – 999,999,999.999) M3
Material ABS Plastic
Communication Interface RS-485
Communication Rate 1200-57,600 bps
Dimension 160 x 80 x 68 (mm)